Design works
with love

With health issue you got to the doctor. With law issue you got the lawyer. If you have design issue please go to designer.

There is enough logos that are made in Word and banners made in Canva.

*We don't see Canva as a design program.

No more meetings

Dwight K Schrute


On one hand we have agencies that are reliable and finish the job but usually take a long time to complete the task + are really expensive


And right here in the middle are us. We took something from each and combined them. Fast and effiencien and also comes with quite moderate price.


On the other hand we have freelancers who are faster than agencies and quite cheaper. Usually deliver the work but fortunately you cant always rely on them.

Let's create something beautiful

With design plan there are no suprises - with fixed rate you know what you get. Therefore you can manage your schedule and campaigns.
We have made our plans in the way that you would need it.

Advantages of a plan

Design needs

We analyze your needs
and work based on that

Fixed fee

No suprises here
fixed rate


High-quality design service
whenever you need it


Every design is made just for you
100% personal

Logos, brands & much more

We are still happy to help ff you didn't found something for your needs from above. List of our skills is long and our portfoilio is strong.


Soc. media ads


Info graphics

Business Cards


Fair materials

Company clothing


Slide Decks

Landing pages

Job pages


Product packaging*


First of all average cost of ONE fulltimer for company is 54K a year.
Plus it can be hard to keep them busy at all times, so you pay for the time you aren't able to fulfill.

But you can always cancel or pause the subscription.

It could be pain in there to find a good freelancer and if freelancer is reliable, the probably some agency has already signed that freelancer.
At the end of the day you spend too much valuable time finding a good one.

We have already established designer @ work and ready to start whenever you need'em.

From Mon-Fri we usually deliver the results in 48H

More complex projects take longer time but we will give you a heads up with that.

We continue until you like it.

Due to high quality refunds are not neccessary

Probably you do...